Bouncers, Mascots, Cakes & Sheila Majid

Just came back from Lil Naqiyyah’s birthday do and yes, it is past 930pm. Hehe.

First person I saw when we walked in (we were late. haha.) was AnakBrunei with his camera! Quickly pointed him out to the husband, who I think was actually happy to know that he could at least talk to someone about photography at a 2-year old girl’s birthday party. Hehe.

As I passed the guests to say hi to birthday girl’s mummy, Mamalobs, and grandmother plus other relatives, I saw Bulimic and Pablo. I know Bulimic for yonks- he used to be my Friends and Alias supplier. This was long before Chong Hock sold tv series and I knew about torrents. Haha. Pablo, however, I only knew from his site (hehe!) and I’ve seen him couple of times. We do not know each other off the cyberspace.

Iatahkan. Macam bloggers saja! Hehe. Asked Ghasidah and she confirmed that they are few bloggers around. Malu saya! To be honest, I don’t know how to act around other bloggers besides my friends. So yes, apologies for not introducing myself. Saw Vixennova too, whom I recognised through her adorable son (Naqiyyah’s boyfriend! Hehe!) and Ghasidah pointed out Yeeman, a local food blogger. Of course, she was there too. Hehe.

So yes, it was like a little blogger’s gathering but the husband & I were being spoilsports and didn’t introduce ourselves. Inda jua rude kali tu ah? Malu, bah! Macam biasa saja. Hehehehehe. Told Ghasidah not to mention about us blogging. Hehehe.

Mamalobs, however, was a gracious host and introduced us to Pablo towards the end of party. Actually, the party had ended by then and most had gone home. Hehe. It was actually the first time I was being introduced to another blogger (the other bloggers, I knew even way before they blogged) and hence, I didn’t really know how to have a conversation (Sorry Pablo!).

Pokoknya, cali lah cali when I thought about it. Hehehe.

Anyways, post meeting bloggers and putting faces with blogs, I tried to take Naqiyyah to play the bouncers. Membari ijab rupanya bouncers ani sudah tua. Hahaha. I only had one foot inside the bouncer and decided to turn back and disappoint Naqiyyah along the way. Sorry lai, takut Ka Dah! Hehehehe. However, I’m glad you enjoyed the ‘mp3 player’ we got you. Hope you enjoy your new iron and ironing board too since your mama complained that your household’s ironing board broke. Hehehehe. Now you can do the ironing! Hehehehe.

Later in the evening, a little karoake session was in order. Excuses after excuses, which included ‘I don’t sing on a full stomach’ or ‘I’m sleepy’ or ‘You don’t have the song that I wanted’, everyone and I mean, everyone sang a song, including yours truly. Adakah aku nyanyi. I don’t do karaokes. Haha. Iatah sampai pukul 9 atu.

Bush, thanks for having us today- for the food, extra cake, introducing us (hehe!), karoake and the tapau you sent us home with. Thanks for being a fantabulous host! (No, we don’t need another drink, thanks. Hehehehe.)

And Pablo, it was definitely nice to finally meet you! Now I need to call you by your real name. Haha.


February 11, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. mamalobengs replied:

    Hehehe!! Thanksss for coming laiiii.. We had fun didn’t we??.. 😉

  2. Pablo replied:

    hahahaa.a. kes naya.. ahh.. diam2 kamu.. I suspected u going to be there…Anyway. I had a wonderful time to get to know u and ur hubby…Pleasure to meet both of u…
    Nah! U still have to call me Pablo..hahahahaha

    wah! u can sing!! hmmmm.. Wish we stayed back for that karaoke..
    ps I got ur pic from Naqiyyah’s birthday.. Unless u dont want me to post the pic.. u better pass me ur email..hahahaa.. ( threatening!!)

  3. twelve replied:

    mamalobs- Thanks for having us! Yes, we did fun! Sakit jaws from all the laughing. Hehehe.

    Pablo- darn. how am i going to pass my email here without telling the whole world? hehehe. and no, pics on anakbrunei were enough. hahaha.

    i’ll email you my email add. hehehe.

    ooh. don’t worry. you didn’t miss much. i can’t sing but mamalobs made me sing! hahaha.

  4. Pablo replied:

    Email me at and I will send u da pic..hehehe

  5. twelve replied:

    Pablo- mailed ya already! 🙂

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