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It really has been awhile, right? Haha. Even my babu was complaining that I never update this blog anymore before she found out that I was blogging from SDMummy! Anipun pasal Babu terkajut that my aunt knew my plans because ‘she read your blog’. Haha.

Anyhoos, I think I will stop posting from this blog (for now? forever? who knows?). So, if you have linked me to this blog, please update your link to SDMummy. I will update my links on that blog 🙂

Oh, I have to warn you though that SDMummy is full of mummy-related stories, including breastfeeding experiences. If none of that are of your interests, you might get bored :p

May 22, 2008. Uncategorized. 5 comments.

Bad, bad, bad…

I’m really bad at updating this blog, yeah?

I’ve been updating my other blog though, but mostly on mummy stuff. I’m thinking of moving back to blogger as I just found out that blogger offers so much more, in terms of customizing the blog! Shiuk eh. Patutlah those on blogger punya sites are really nice! (I just thought they are really good in html and what not. hehe.)

The long weekend went by quickly, with a lot of family events and very little scrapping time (more like none). Baby AH has shown few habits already and mummy has found a definite way to calm him from crying- send him to his bapa! Somehow, the husband has a calming effect on him! Baby AH won’t even want to be picked up from his cot, as long as his bapa is there talking to him!

If I am anywhere near, he will most likely (except for very few occassions) cry and wants to be picked up.

Yesterday, I came back from visiting my aunt, whose dad passed away over the weekend and as soon as I saw him, I didn’t pick him up but merely talked to him and my babu. What did he do next? He looked at me and then cried for attention, stopped crying, looked at me again and started crying again… I think he did this 3-4 times before I actually picked him up laughing (me, not him). Nope, there were no tears.

Definitely Mummy’s boy (Plus they said he’s starting to look more like me, now that he has filled up! Yups, I know his face will prolly change next month. Just let me, alright. Har har.)! Sorry husband, maybe when we get a girl, insya Allah, she can be Bapa’s princess. Hehe.

Have a good week y’all! A good month before the next public holiday! Hehe.


February 25, 2008. Uncategorized. 2 comments.


Yes, I do sound very excited in my last post, right?

Hmm. I like to think I am easy to please (haha!) but at the moment, things that excite me most would have to be:

1. Baby AH’s development- I laughed at him when he cried as he tried to turn this afternoon. I did encourage him though and even showed him how to do it. I think that was what made him frustrated- seeing his mummy could do it.

2. Scrapping, scrapping, scrapping

3. Anything that has to do with babies- cheap diapers, cute baby tops, the works

4. and forever, shoes, shoes and more shoes

5. and of course, bags, bags and more bags.

So, what do you think has made me really excited in my last post? Hehe. Showed the husband ‘it’ earlier and I am now much tempted, when he told me that our currency is stronger now! Oooo-errrrr!


February 15, 2008. Uncategorized. Leave a comment.

It’s Back!

They’re selling it again! I’m sooo excited! I can’t decide which one I want though. Hmmm.

My wishlist is definitely growing! Haha. I now have to prioritise- this or that or that?

*waves to handsome husband*


Do I have the patience to wait until I’m overseas or am I going to succumb to the prettiness of it and just purchase it online? Hahahaha.

Time will definitely tell! Tee-hee. Who knows? I might end up not purchasing it at all. LOL.


February 14, 2008. Uncategorized. 3 comments.


are in order…

To Nani & Jai- Congratulations on your engagement! We shall meet up for lunch soon ya?

To Abby & Yazri and Yus & Pg Sulaiman- Congratulations on your wedding!

Apologies for not being able to attend to your ceremonies. Wishing you (all) the love and happiness 🙂 xx

On a different note, it’s Monday again tomorrow!


February 10, 2008. Uncategorized. 1 comment.

Blue oh blue.

Guess who has started scrapping again? Yeah, me! Har har har.

And guess which colour am I using a lot in my scrapping? Yeah, blue.

And you know what that means, right? I’ve started scrapping baby AH’s photos!

Nope, I haven’t even started scrapping on my pregnancy. Although my friends did! Hehehe.

Ah well.

Anyhoos, Happy New Year to my Chinese friends & readers. May the new year bring you  (and me. hahaha.) more joy & happiness and lots & lots of scrapping ideas (in the spirit of scrapping, bah! hehe.)


February 7, 2008. Uncategorized. 1 comment.


Spikez, you remember how we used to complain we had so much work that we felt like throwing up?

Today, I literally threw up at the THOUGHT of needing to complete all my work.

J, please come back to work soon! Hehe. Now, I probably know how you felt when I was on my maternity leave. Ani baru you nada for 2 weeks. Hehe.

Plus I woke up at 4am today as baby AH wants to play. Hehe. And I didn’t get to have my morning cup of milo and chicken sandwich.

Aaaaaah. I am so looking forward to the 2-days break so I can spend more cuddle-time (read: photo-taking) with baby AH.


February 5, 2008. Uncategorized. 1 comment.


I am itching to start scrapping again.

I haven’t even got around to scrap my pregnancy yet and now I want to start scrapping my baby’s pictures.

Oh, and you know what happens when my itch to scrap comes? I find excuses to go to Shabby and actually buy more than I need. LOL.

It is going to be a short but busyyyy weeek! Happy Monday, All!


February 3, 2008. Uncategorized. Leave a comment.

I don’t have time… yet…

I’m now back at work and what a week it has been!

If only there were more hours in a day!

I’ve been arriving home at around 6pm and am usually in bed with baby AH by 10pm, only to get up by 5.15am to express  before preparing for work and a quick feed at around 7am before leaving for work.

That is just like 7 hours of free time for myself, the husband and baby AH. Takeaway bathroom activities time, cleaning and sterilising bottles time, dinner and breakfast time, prayers.. I don’t think there is any social time left.

Guess it is still early to get in the groove.. Maybe I’ll get used to it soon and then, I can say.. “I’ve got time…”


January 25, 2008. Uncategorized. 4 comments.

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